The Workshops @ Bob Korn Imaging are for photographers and artists who are interested in the Digital Darkroom & Photography. In the past we have scheduled group workshops throughout the year, but now we've made the decisions to change our focus to the one on one and small group workshop.

What this means is instead of you being tied to our schedule, you create the time and type of workshop that works for you or your small group. We will create workshops that meet you specific needs from technical to creative and enable you to control the time and cost. From 1 hour to 1 week it is up to you. The workshops are designed so there is classroom or teaching time with working or lab time. For a 3 hour 1/2 day workshop, the fee is $325 which includes 1.5 hrs of teaching time and materials. The full day, 5 hour workshop is $525 with 3 hrs of teaching time and materials.

I look forward to creating a workshop for you, so I invite you to stop by 46 Main Street, Orleans MA or call 508-255-5202 with any questions you may have.