Here’s the link for our April newsletter and Internal Dialogue.

Our feature event this month is the virtual opening and gallery talk for Internal Dialogue.  Internal Dialogue, was a call for entries addressing our emotions during the COVID-19 pandemic and portrayed in our daily life through our art.  Join curators Fran Forman and Michael Kirchoff for a discussion with the photographers about their thoughts and intentions behind the photographs that illustrate the theme, as well as how this last year of pandemic living has influenced their photographic practice.

Zoom: Internal Dialogue

Meeting ID: 846 8119 7054
Passcode: 052027

Here’s a brief description of our offering.  For more detailed information on our workshops, please give me a call.

Photoshop Basics:  Photoshop is not just a photography application, so we need to know which tools we need to use. This 2 session workshop will break down Photoshop to show which tools we need and how to use them for the photographic process. We’ll cover how to set preferences, use of layers, spotting, saving files, and more. $150, 2 sessions.

RAW Development: Processing the digital file sets the foundation of what you image will be.  Working in Lightroom we’ll cover all the controls needed to set all the data which forms your digital image.  $375, 3 sessions.

Masking:  Working in Photoshop we’ll show to work with this very useful tool.  You’ll learn the tools to select and create mask to make refinements to specific areas of you image.  $375, 3 sessions. 

B&W Printing:  As with everything in the digital process, there are numerous ways to accomplish what you need done, and the conversion of the camera’s color file to B&W is no exception.  I’ll explain my process using both Lightroom and Photoshop to create the rich tone filled B&W image we strive for.  Each week I’ll review and print your files for you to see how each adjustment works to refine the B&W image.  $375, 3 sessions. 

The Print:  This workshop is designed as a four session class, with the option for an additional four weeks.  The first four weeks concentrate on file development, which is the foundation for the printing process, along with learning the tools in Photoshop to complete the process. The optional sessions are a continuation in which we work on the refinement of your workflow. Each week I’ll review and print your files for you to see the effect of each adjustment.  $650 per 4 sessions. 

Seeing Color:  Learning how to see and adjust color is the final step in the printing process.  Todays technology has improved in the way it reproduces color, however there is more to see.  We’ll learn how to identify color, interpret what we see and the tools need to correct it.  Each week I’ll review and print your files for you to see the effect of each adjustment.  $550, 4 sessions.