workshop schedule

Here are the times for this months workshops.

Photoshop Photography Basics: Tuesday 13th, 5:15pm, ET
Photoshop is not just a photography application, so we need to know which tools we need to use. This one session, 2.5 hr. workshop, will break down Photoshop to show which tools we need and how to use them for the photographic process. We’ll cover how to set preferences, use of layers, spotting, saving files, and more. $75, 1 session
Photoshop Masking: Thursday 15, 1:00pm, ET
This workshop will help you to understanding how and when to use masking. Working in Photoshop you’ll learn the tools need for creating masks to refine your image. $145, 2 sessions
The B&W Print: Friday 16th, 1:pm, ET
There are a number of ways to convert your files to B&W within Lightroom and Photoshop. We’ll use the tools in both and I’ll explain why I find Photoshop works best for B&W conversion and printing. $145, 2 sessions
Master Print Workshops: 1:pm, ET will begin again on Tuesday 27th. $650, 4 sessions
Call for registration and more info